Ant Control

Ants live in large colonies below the soil meaning the entire colony needs to be treated for proper ant extermination.

Spider Control

Perimeter treatments offer spider control before they enter your Utah home or business.

Wasp & Hornet Control

Large colonies of wasps/hornets can result in multiple painful stings. Removing the swarm can keep you and those with allergies safe.

Boxelder Control

Boxelder bugs can destroy your plants and hibernate in crevices of your home or business. Exterminate them and keep them away with pest control.

Rat Control

Rats have a long history of diseases. Because they are smart and also weary, extermination can be difficult and often requires professional rat pest control.

Mouse Control

Mice carry disease and chew wires causing fire hazards. Rodent exermination is essential to protect your health & safety.

ONLINE SPECIAL – Initial service $79, (regularly $225.)


Recommended Treatments &
Savings On Your First Service

At your initial service, the majority of adult bugs will be exterminated.  We will come back 45 days later to get rid of the baby bugs.

We recommend coming back every 90 days after that.  Each regular service will be $89.

If you are on our quarterly route, we will do a free spot treatment if you find bugs before your next regular service.

No Obligation

We do not require a contract.  You can cancel at any time for no extra charge.  

To Schedule an appointment click on the link below or give us a call at 801-300-2979.  Thank you for choosing Alpine Pest Control.