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Pest Control & Exterminator Services in Utah

From treatment to further prevention, Alpine will ensure a pest free environment for you and your family to enjoy. We are proud to be known for our customer service. We enjoy the opportunity to solve problems other companies can't or are not willing to do.

Boxelder Control

Boxelder bugs form large numbers and can destroy vegetation. They can even invade cracks and crevices in your home looking for warmth during hibernation.

Ant Control

If you see one ant, there are probably hundreds if not thousands. The entire colony needs to be treated for effective ant extermination.

Wasp/Bee Control

A wasp or hornet attack can result in multiple stings and is especially dangerous if an allergic reaction occurs. An exterminator will remove the colony safely.

Spider Control

Spider extermination is best to rid Utah homes of dangerous hobo spiders, black widows, brown recluses, and even tarantulas.

Mice Control

Mice carry many diseases and can cause fire hazards within the walls of your homes. Protect your health with mice extermination.

Rat Control

Rats have a history of spreading disease. While they are easier to exterminate than mice due to their size, they are smart and may avoid traditional traps.

Lawn Care & Weed Control

A professional lawn care company in Utah has the knowledge, experience, and resources necessary to cultivate a picture-perfect lawn.
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Pest control helps protect businesses and families from diseases and safety hazards. Although it may seem simple, the process can be complex.  It is best to speak to a pest control company in Utah for a customized treatment plan.  When you understand exactly what the exterminator will do, you can keep your home happy and pest free with both indoor & outdoor pest control.

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Always perform your due diligence when selecting a pest control provider.  Many companies claim to offer safe and effective pest control services without the licenses to back it up.  Always check reviews online and ask about licenses and the safety of their pest control treatments. Alpine pest control in Utah offers pet and kid safe pest control services.

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Prevention is one of the best forms of pest control you can do.  It is much cheaper to prevent an infestation from occurring than to have to exterminate one.  Additionally, following the seasons and pests is very effective.  In the cold winter months, they will want to come inside. While other creepy crawlies make appearances in the warm months.

    Our treatments are pet & kid SAFE!

    Our treatment plans include foundation sprays, de-web and nest, entry point treatment, baseboard spray, wall injections, yard granulation, & garage treatments.

  • Identify the Pest Species

    First, a certified pest control technician will identify the problem species on your property and extent of the situation.

  • Inspect for Problem Areas

    An exterminator will inspect your Utah property for conditions that encourage those pest species to be present by establishing points of entry inside and outside.

  • Design a Treatment Plan

    Lastly, we will inform you of the problem areas and come up with an appropriate pest control treatment plan.

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We provide pest control services to Salt Lake City, Sandy, Cottonwood Heights, Provo, Draper, Ogden, Farmington, West Jordan, West Valley, South Jordan, Herriman, Holladay, Midvale, Taylorsville, Alpine, Highland, Lehi, Eagle Mountian, Pleasant Grove, Lindon, Syracuse, Spanish Fork.

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Providing the best pest control services to homeowners and businesses in Utah is our top priority. For this reason, we guarantee all of our work & ensure our customers are happy with their pest control service.

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